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ISO Certification

tecems are management consultants and as such we do not directly provide certification but we work with a large number of certification companies and can therefore help your organisation in obtaining certification quotes to allow you to select the best and most cost effective certification option for your requirements. As well as ISO Certification we work with other certification schemes like Achilles and also with Notified bodies for CE marking and product certification.

ISO Certification Process
ISO Certification or ISO Registration (it is also often referred to as ISO accreditation although this term is actually reserved for certification companies - see below) is achieved by implementing management systems to the requirements of an international standard as issued by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO - www.iso.org ) and then getting assessed by in independent certification company who will assess the company against the requirements of the standard and also check that own documented procedures are being followed as well as meeting legal requirements.
Having successfully guided hundreds of companies through this process we can help you to get certified with minimal hassle and issues.
Prior to the audit we will help to make sure everything is in place and complete pre-audits to ensure everything that will be required for the audit is prepared so that the actual audit goes smoothly without any issues.

Accredited Certification
In the UK accredited certification is indicated by UKAS approval of the certification company and we therefore only work with UKAS accredited certification companies where accredited certification is required.
There are some certification companies who are not UKAS accredited and claim to be accredited by some other entity but as UKAS is the only recognised accreditation body in the UK any other accreditation scheme is essentially worthless and should be avoided.

The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) is the national accreditation body for the United Kingdom. UKAS is recognised by government, to assess against internationally agreed standards, organisations that provide certification, testing, inspection and calibration services. www.ukas.com

Certification Options - UKAS Vs Non-UKAS
Although we generally encourage all our clients to achieve UKAS accredited certification there are instances when this may not be the best option. UKAS certification companies need to follow UKAS rules which dictate the number of days audit required and length of time management systems need to be in place prior to audit - this can be up to 15 days of audit for 3 standards and usually systems are required to be in place for at least 6 months. Going straight for UKAS accredited certification can be the wrong decision if the costs and number of days audit mean your organisation incurs large costs in terms of time and certification fees with little return or benefit if you do not need this level of certification.
This means if you are in a hurry it may not be possible to achieve UKAS accredited certification within the required time scale and if you do not actually require UKAS accredited certification then the cost in terms of number of days of audit and audit fees may burden your organisation with unnecessary overheads.
There are many potential pitfalls when it comes to certification, some non-accredited certification companies offer a combined consultancy-certification package where you are provided with generic documentation that doesn't reflect your business, could never pass a proper ISO certification audit and also require you to sign a long contract (up to 10 years) potentially leaving you with a lot of cost or legal challenges and a worthless iso system / cert.
For non-UKAS certification we recommend isoassured who provide 3rd party certification using IRCA qualified Lead auditors to ensure audit is at the same level as UKAS certification but with a much more flexible and lower cost approach and no contract - www.isoassured.co.uk

We can help you choose the correct certification for your organisation & there are 3 main options;

1 Systems in place to the requirements of the standards but no certification
This allows you to state that you have a management system 'To the requirements of ISO...'

2 Systems in place and certified by 3rd party certification company
This allows you to state that you have a an 'ISO Registered' or 'ISO Certified' management system (The certificate will not include the UKAS logo)

3 Systems in place and certified by UKAS accredited certification company
This allows you to state that you have a an 'ISO Registered' or 'ISO Certified' management system (The certificate will include the UKAS logo)

The systems we will help develop and put in place are exactly the same whatever your certification requirements allowing you to choose the most appropriate and cost effective certification route for your company & you can then go from 1 to 2 or 3 as and when required.

Impartial Certification advice to select the best option for your organisation
Most appropriate and cost effective solution
Combined UKAS / Non-UKAS certification when multiple standards required
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